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Mould and damp in a building, caused by condensation.Diagram showing the airflow in a house, and how condensation can be avoided.


The commonest type of dampness found in every building. Ingredients are lack of adequate ventilation, and creation of water vapour within the property, usually in combination with inadequate space heating. The warmer the air becomes the more water vapour it can 'hold'. When air cools down due to reduction in heating or seasonal factors, it can hold less moisture thus causing water droplets to condense on cold surfaces. This is the source of the commonest type of dampness found in every building. This source of moisture can attract fungal spores floating on air currents. Black or grey mould can form, which is unsightly, ruins decorations and creates a feeling of damp and squalor.

Our specialist MAINTENANCE AIR FLOW SYSTEM can control this and potentially eliminate condensation by introducing more air into the property thus forcing out damp stale moist air.
Installation of the MAINTENANCE AIR FLOW SYSTEM can also benefit people suffering from Asthma and other respiratory ailments by helping to purify the air through circulation, which can help to dispel airborne allergens.